Dolores Couceiro, Mrs Globe 2002 posa con los diseños de los alumnos de la Escuela

MRS GLOBE 2002, DOLORES COUCEIRO, había posado con los Diseños de algunos de los jóvenes creadores de la Escuela Técnica de Joyería del Atlántico, después de su gira promocional por U.S.A. y presentando a más de 50 medios de comunicación en PALM SPRINGS , el Nuevo Certamen Internacional Mrs. GLOBE 2003.

Ahora la Modelo Española acaba de regresar de Srí-Lanka ,donde ha participado como jurado en el Certamen Mrs. Globe Sri-lanka 2003, un país al sur de la India donde la calidad de la Gemas le ha dado fama internacional , y así ha posado con las joyas de los creadores de joyas.

Adjuntamos un artículo de prensa que ha salido del paso de Miss Globe 2002 por ese precioso país.


Mirror Magazine

Around the world as Mrs. Globe By Ishani Ranasinghe The year 2002 saw a Spanish beauty with jet-black hair and hazel eyes from Madrid, Dolores Couceiro being crowned Mrs. Globe 2002. A professional model with 25 years experience, she is President of Dolores Couceiro Model Management in Vigo, Spain. Having been happily married for four years, she looks forward to starting a family. Dolores, a TV presenter, also works as a journalist.

"I mainly write fashion articles," she explains, adding that she covers shows in fashion capitals like Madrid and Barcelona. Also a fashion photographer, her photographs are featured in much sought after magazines like Vogue. Here for the Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant, Dolores spoke of her year as Mrs. Globe during which she served as a delegate for the Women In Need Foundation, a non-profit organisation specialising in self-esteem and recovery from abuse for women and children. "During my reign as Mrs. Globe, I participated in many dinners and charity auctions and travelled to many countries to raise funds for this cause," she said, adding that Mrs. Globe serves as the primary fund-raiser for the foundation.

"Being Mrs. Globe has been a wonderful experience" she says.

During her year, she was able to visit several places and touch many lives. "The most memorable was when I visited a public school in California for Hispanic children where I talked to them of simple things like caring and sharing and the world in general. They were so responsive and treated me like a queen. It was the best moment of my reign."

In Sri Lanka for the first time, Dolores said she hopes to visit historic places, "and of course, go shopping".

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